Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Editorial Note

I have been informed by the resident pilot in the house that I have an error in my slideshow (about three entries down). I called the water bomber a DC-5 (a direct quote snagged from an apparently misinformed neighbor)....it is in fact, a DC-10.

There was only one DC-5, apparently...... uno, one single plane of that type. For whatever reason, no more were made and successive models had later numbers.

The discussion brought back memories. When Karen was very young, her pilot daddy taught her how to tell the difference between many types of planes. It always amazed me to hear her say "Look Daddy, it's a 737!" or something along that line.

She's very spacial in how she views things, and for some reason, differences in body types of airplanes were very clear to her! Probably the same talent that she displays with the quilting. There have been many times during the making of my Saturday Sampler quilt that she would find me in the quilting studio with my eyes crossed and steam coming out of my ears. In a flash, she could eyeball the pattern, the pieces, and rearrange things correctly!

Anyway, just keeping things accurate here! It's a DC-10!! I don't care if it's an ABC-42. I'm just grateful it was around this weekend!


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