Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Great Cookie Adventure, 2008

It has begun...

Mr. B. is turning out gingerbread boyz..... my absolute favorite.... I am not able to eat these any more and the smell.... it is driving me batty.... sooooo good!

I'm trying to contribute to the cookie effort too. I managed to get a few Snickerdoodles made so far.

Mexican wedding cookies, and Teatime Tassies are on the list for me to make soon.

And just when I thought we could skip it this year? Two different clients asked me if we were making cookies for them this year!

I played with the new camera for a few minutes today. Took this picture of Mr. B. enjoying a break with the little peoples.....

And these shots of Sadie. Click on these - she's a pretty girl! The detail with the new camera is more evident in these two pix.... Hey Mikie, me likie!!

I've been more productive today... got my work caught up and I reinforced a shelf upstairs in the "flee closet"..... When we have fires or catastrophes, the stuff in the "flee closet" which is marked with orange stickers, goes in one of the "flee vans"... That's our nickname for them. It may seem silly, but having a plan makes all the difference when the reality is upon you! We reloaded that closet today, and now...

I'm off to my sewing room. I started a string quilt last night, and I'm having WAY too much fun busting my stash! Pix later, when I have a few more blocks done!



Yvette said...

I can't believe it is "cookie Season" already.

No cookies for us my friend. :(

I always love puppy porn.

Jacque said...

I still love seeing the cookies, even if they are not on my "list"....Your new camera is doing super! Love the details and the resolution must be awesome!
I got the same kind of situation here recently: someone asked if they were getting grape jelly for Christmas! And I thought I would skip this year!! Teehee!