Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Schedule - It Flopped


I keep starting off with such good intentions, and then getting side tracked with things like.... installing chicken wire in the backyard to prevent small dogs from getting on the slope and thereby accessing areas of the perimeter fence that they can escape under....

Repairing a toilet.

Potty training a puppy.

The never-ending hunting and gathering endeavor (grocery shopping).


Laundry that I discover AFTER I think I'm all caught up for the day and free to go sew.

Potty training a puppy (you have to go again?!).

And more dishes.

I will try again tomorrow.

Today, I did manage to squeeze in a work out, and put painter's tape all around one border of Wiffie's quilt... as a guide for some quilting in that border. It's a method I call Home Depot Meets Machine Quilting 101. Pix when it's done.

(after the dishes I just found in the sink are done.)



Yvette said...

Don't you just hate when everyday life gets in the way of our therapy time? We need to start making appointments to get into our sewing rooms. Make the appointment and let nothing break it. (except a puppy that needs to go outside) LOL!

Karene said...


Jackie said...

Awww, boy do I understand!! Life has a way of reminding me that my quilting time is a luxury - and it comes after the basics are done! (Pout!) At least I don't have to potty train a puppy!! Love you!!

vicki said...

I'm amazed you even gave this schedule a go. You're becoming my hero! LOL