Wednesday, October 15, 2008

UFO Alert!! Do I smell fire?

Michael went out for a walk today, and in the time it took him to pound around his regular route, he spotted a wildfire that doubled in size while he was walking!

We jumped in the van and went to get a closer peek (being the star lookie-lous that we are) and were happy to see there were already water helicopters (for lack of a proper title!) dropping water from a nearby reservoir on the fire!

(I promise if you click on pictures you will see flames in one, and water 'copter in the other!)

It was quickly contained, thankfully, and I went back to my sewing room....

So for the UFO....

I got the binding on Wiffie's quilt, with the Grandmother's Garden stitch, all around the edge....

And its done!!

Sadie checked it over, and approved (or left in search of a chew toy!)

And I have sixteen squares left over, with some black material. I decided I'm going to send the squares to Wiffie. She can make decorative quilted pillows for her new bed, to match the quilt, or she can pass the blocks to Jackie, to make another baby quilt... Tis up to them!

YAY for UFOs!!! Tomorrow, I hope to cut the last Saturday Sampler block and I'll have all four ready to take to Wyoming....



Yvette said...

Yippeeeee! It does feel good to get a project completed. My goal is to finish 4 UFO's by the end of the year.

YIKES!!!! That fire was close! I think I would have put my puppies and sewing machine in the car and ran. LOL!

Jackie said...

Yay!! I agree with Sadie - it looks wonderful! I know Wiffie is going to treasure her quilt from Aunt Joy! We will definitely find a use for those squares, too!

Yvette is right: choose the important things to put in the car, and get the #@*& out of Dodge! All kidding aside, though, I'm glad ya'll have stayed safe!

Love you!

Karene said...

WHOA HOA!!! WAY TO GO GIRLFRIEND !!! I can't wait to finish Craig's quilt so I can continue playing with Sue & Sam and our new books!!!

Love ya

vicki said...

What a beautiful quilt! I love it!!