Thursday, October 16, 2008

Christmas Mystery!

This is a collaboration between myself and Dad.... I had the copy cat idea. He has the wood shop and the skill!

I was supposed to pick up these wooden parts in Wyoming next week, but there is a pointy metal part for each one, not seen in the pictures below, which Dad thought could be problematic getting through the terrorist screening process these days.... After all, I so fit the profiling criteria for a terrorist. Especially before I get my make-up on. So he sent them to my house this week, thereby giving me a head start on the finishing process!

Since they weigh about a pound each, and airlines are really inordinately particular these days about how much luggage can weigh....this means I can actually pack underwear for the trip. Believe me, by the time I throw my entire business and laptop and footpedal in the suitcase, there's not room, or weight, left for much else!

Using the same techniques I did on the birdhouses, I am adding some "pretty" to these blocks of wood.

I can't tell anyone what they are..... until Christmas! (although I bet someone will guess before then!)

Ho-Ho-Ho!! :)

1 comment:

Karene said...

Pencil holders?,no,no ! Um, birdhouse stands???? Hmmm, maybe paperweights???? Whatever they are, they are pretty !!!

Love ya,