Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Charm Quilt Top

I'm trying something new (with varying degrees of success!) now that I got the freezer stocked. My goal is to work from 4 or 5 AM until 4 PM. Period. During that time, I do all my chores, be it laundry, floors, typing, proofing, sending work out, answering phones, baking some bread to go with dinner, and dishes, dishes, dishes. At 4 PM, I am trying to get upstairs.

Yesterday, I got side tracked by a dirty bathroom and lost an hour cleaning it, and also cleaning out a small closet. But I did make it upstairs to sew a bit!

Tonight I did even better. I got side tracked again, by Major Important Discussions, about car repairs and cable service problems..... sigh..... but I still made it upstairs and managed a couple hours of sewing! Yay!

Borders are on Wiffie's lady bug quilt, and it is ready to be sandwiched and pinned tomorrow and then I will start quilting it!

Plus I have a block for Saturday Sampler to complete (half done) so I can get the next month's block this Saturday. I have two more evenings to get that done.

In a completely unrelated note, 26 years ago tonight, I was in labor. Tomorrow, my youngest will be 26 years old. As one of my friends recently said, in a tone of wonder.....

"How can this be? Why, I'm only 29!!"

Happy Birthday Laurie!!



Yvette said...

I am green with envy that you can sew in the middle of the week, until I saw your daily schedule. I don't think I could sew a straight line after a 12 hour work day. LOL!

Karene said...

LOVE IT !!!! The colors remind me of Craig's Quilt, at least the green and black anyway. Nice schedule too. I agree work 12 hours then sew....too bad we require sleep or we could work 12, sew 12, work 12, sew 12....oh well! I think we just all need to be independently weathly so we can just sew. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LAURIE LU !!!

Love ya,
"Auntie" Karene

Jackie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LAURIE!! And the ladybug quilt is wonderful!! I think she is going to love it!! I love the way the colors go across the quilt!