Saturday, October 25, 2008

From Cody

I’m in Wyoming enjoying a few days with Mom and Dad! Yesterday, we briefly visited the new Veteran’s Memorial while we were in town. I thought it was a really nice one and this is the portion dedicated to the Vietnam veterans. Here’s a picture of some of the memories various visitors have left as they came to pay their respects. Up close, we could read letters and see pictures of some of the troops honored by this memorial.

A sidewalk led to other memorials to other wars, WWI, WWII and Korean, etc.

This next picture is for Julie…. (Our “Jewels” who is on our transcription team.)

Julie has a sweet black lab, Hauxs, who loves to ride in her little golf cart over their property, down to the mailbox to retrieve the paper, etc…. My mom and dad scored a golf cart recently that was on sale beside the road somewhere… It’s convenient to hop in it and run to the ranch next door, etc, so Mom gave me a ride yesterday. I tried to talk Jinx and Julie (my parents’ furbabies) into going with us, but they were having nothing to do with it.

This might be because of my mother’s reputation for fairly speedy driving in a former life. I was, however, able to talk Spot into going.

Spot is an antique doorstop dog who has been in the family for about 70 years. He has a constitution of iron….. or some sort of metal! He was perfectly content to ride along, and get some fresh air, before being returned to his rightful place on the bookshelf, holding up some books!

We’ve been running into town from time to time, to pick up internet signal, and to grab a bite to eat at some really great local restaurants. This morning we went to one of my favorite breakfast spots, Our Place, and I had a western omlet and their fantastic coffee! Fantastic flavor, and fantastic price!

I was at Walmart this morning almost before the sun was up…. We rise with the roosters around here and I must have been sleepy and not paying attention, because I “slipped” in Walmart. Worry not…. it was the kind of slip where you “fall”……

And when you get up…

You find yourself holding a pile of fabric…. neatly cut and ready to add to your stash back home!

We went up to feed the chickens a little bit ago….

I enjoy chickens! I think they’re cute, for starters, and who can argue with the value of an animal that gives you (eggs) something worth more than it costs you to feed it?

While I was there, I found the answer to the question “Where’s the beef?”

I can vouch for the fact that some of it is at the Double Doc Ranch, because I got to talk to it!

We checked in with a few of the horses while we were there.… they look forward to the occasional treat and pat!

Once I got home, I put in a little time at the sewing machine. I have the Brick Road all laid out in order around the sewing table (look at Mom’s machine - she’s had it as long as I can remember, and I love it!).

I started sewing them in order and laying them out on the floor in the sunroom.

See what is happening with the colors?? It was completely unintentional that they would line up in diagonal rows of similar colors, but I’m loving it!

I will try to blog again tomorrow!


Yvette said...

I noticed 2 things different about you.



You picked the right time to go, another heat wave here is good ole Southern CA. I am happy to see you are having a fantastic time.

Karene said...

You look so HAPPY holding Spot in your lap!!! Guess you're missing Jerry and Kimmie so much that you needed something to hold in your lap....ha,ha,ha !!! Just kidding, but you do look really happy with the chickens. Question, do eggs taste different right out of the hen house versus the store? I really am a California girl.

Love and miss ya,

vicki said...

Great pics, Joy! And, you look like you're having a ball. Next year, can I go, too??? :)

Jackie said...

I can answer that, Karene - they do indeed taste WAY better! They even look different in your skillet: a really rich, deep yellow instead of the paler ones from the store!!
Joy, you DO look thin!! You must not be eating enough; that would account for your trouble staying on your keep falling down....and when you get up they have put gorgeous fabric in your hands!! So happy you are having fun!!
Love you lots,

Anonymous said...

Lovin it! It is like an amusement park over there, i want to go next time! I love your picture at walmart with the big receipt, lol! thanks for the celebrity mention, that was cool! love their golf cart! I am so glad you got to go spend time with your parents that is always a nice thing! but cold! Well back to work! lol!

Have A Great Day! See Ya Later