Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Update (a conversation with Yvette about my stripping job on the cabinets) shortly after trying this stuff for the first time:

Joy: i may be able to stop sanding and just use the stripper
Joy: it seems to be working.....
Yvette : thats great!
Yvette : the stuff I bought you dont sand
Joy: jury is out....have used the strippper, and globbed it on, earlier today....just now, i rubbed it all over with a scrubbie to loosen whatever (I know NOTHING about what i'm doing)
Joy: then wiped it off with terry cloth towel
Joy: then wiped it again with terry dipped in a bit of mineral spirits and wrung out
Joy: now all the websites i've read say to let it dry 24 hours, etc...obviously getting some low-odor mineral spirits is going to be a priority. the citrus smells great. the mineral spirits - not so hot
Yvette : wanna come over my house and experiment?
Joy: heh heh. anyway, stripping some more drawer facings and a cabinet front....will let it sit an hour or so, and then go wipe it all away also....tomorrow will be the real test - when i use the new stain/poly stuff on it.....but that will be a quick test. one coat, one hour to dry, second coat, second hour to dry. Then I will either pour myself a congratulatory drink....(diet coke) or pour myself a consolation drink (also diet coke) and order facing job or new cabinets!
Yvette : you are making me tired
Joy: suddenly 5600 for faced cabinets and new doors, drawer facings, or 10000 for new cabinetry sounds like such a deal. sigh!
Joy: i'll keep you posted....
Yvette : ok :)
Joy: (i actually think its going to work) :)

Stay tuned, loyal readers (all four of you!) I do think I'm on to something with this CitrusStrip stuff....sure easier than sanding, though sanding has its merits. Off to Home Depot for more terry rags and low-odor mineral spirits.....

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