Sunday, January 27, 2008

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday Night's Alright!

This was a perfect, low key Saturday night for me! It's how I roll, folks!

Dinner out with a coupon: Affordable, quick and no dishes! Yay!

Back home and into the "quilting studio"! Karen was set up with laptop for instant messaging with her friends all over the globe (seriously!) and her latest project.

I was at the next table...looking much the same!

We were joined by the studio "cat", Tiger! She chewed on her bone the entire evening!

I continued working on the reconfigured Checkers quilt that I am making out of reproduction fabrics.

(Complete pattern in Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting Sept/Oct 2007 issue.)

I wanted to showcase the fabrics (making the checkers larger/easier to see) AND make the quilt large enough for a king sized bed, so I sort of blew up the whole thing. Each checkerboard block on mine is 12 inches, with 3 inch "checker squares".

I got the checkerboard part completely done! Tomorrow at quilt class, I will be enlisting the help of Janet Salcido (Teacher Extraordinaire) with the calculations and design of the keyboard border/corner blocks.

I'm thinking I may go back and make it again, more along the lines of the jewel tones they used for this quilt in the magazine.....for a daybed upstairs.

Anyway, it was a fun and relaxing Saturday night!


Yvette said...

Somebody has been very busy!! I can't believe how fast you put that quilt together! It looks FABULOUS!!!

Today I am staying in my jammies and plowing through my projects. Ahhhhhh, don't ya love a day when you have time.

Karene said...

GORGEOUS !!! I can't wait to see this one done ! You and Yvette truly amaze me with your quilts. Mine are ok, but you guys are unbelievable.

Love ya

Joy said...

Karene! Hogwash! (about yours being "okay") Your work is wonderful!! I am in awe of the Little Blessings quilt and you did such a great job quilting it yourself!

I'm proud of ALL OF US!! We're learning so much and doing a fantastic job!


Anonymous said...

Those "checkers" quilts are fantabulous...I am going to have to clean my keyboard before the drool messes it up - love those colors you are using!! I wish I had the eye for color that you have! Here's wishing you many more great Saturday nights like that one.... Love and hugs from the Charcoal Lambie

Joy said...

Teehee! Thanks Jackie!!

I'm going to be making another quilt in an April class using the reproduction involves CURVES. Terrifying! In a good way!

I'll post a pic of the pattern later.

I sure wish I could get the kitchen finished (and the stairs) so that I could just concentrate on sewing when I am not working!!

Love and hugs!