Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Physician Dictating Guidelines

This was sent to me by a woman I worked with. So very, very true, and funny too! :)

Adherence to these guidelines will assure the highest quality transcribed reports in the shortest amount of time.

At the beginning of each dictation, take as deep a breath as you possibly can. Now, try to dictate the entire report before you have to inhale again.

When dictating a particularly difficult word or phrase, please turn your head and speak directly into your armpit.

We charge per character, including periods. An effective way to cut your cost is to dictate your entire report as one sentence.

It is not necessary to repeat the same sentence multiple times in the same dictation.

If you have to sneeze or cough suddenly, please remove your head from your armpit and sneeze or cough directly into the microphone.

If you must eat while you dictate, please stay away from foods such as marshmallows, bananas, and pudding. Apples, pretzels, and celery are much better choices.

Please don't stop dictating when you yawn. It throws off our rhythm.

If the patient's name is Alan Ratzlaffenhasenphepherzinsky, please have the courtesy to spell "Alan"--there are several possible spellings, you know. For the last name, simply state "the usual spelling."

It is not necessary to repeat the same sentence multiple times in the same dictation.

Please note--the phrase "well-developed, well-nourished white female" is only three syllables.

Cardiologists, it is not necessary to dictate at the rate of your patient's atrial fibrillation.

Do not stop dictating in the event of minor background noise such as an office party, the janitor's vacuum cleaner, a screaming infant, etc. Again, it throws off our rhythm.

Be sure to place the emPHAsis on teh CORrect syLLABLE, especially if enGLISH is your SECond lanGUAGE.

It is not necessary to repeat the same sentence multiple times in the same dictation.

Talk as fast as you can. Fair is fair; after all, we type as fast as we possibly can.

Please speak quietly as you can....we want to be able to hear what is going on around you.

If you need to pause for 5 or 10 minutes between words or phrases, pounding the receiver on the desk or repeatedly saying, "still dictating....still dictating....still dictating....still dictating" reminds us indeed, you are still dictating.

Just because you need to use the restroom is no reason to stop dictating. Time is money!

Don't dictate so loudly that you disrupt your fellow physicians' football game in the doctors' lounge. In fact, you really should whisper all of your dictation, since the information is confidential.Similarly, if you are going to watch TV while dictating at home, please watch a war movie with lots of bombing, and be sure to have the volume high enough so everybody in your living room can hear above your talking.

If you need to correct yourself--sorry, correct and error, please do not rewind the tape--sorry, do not back up and record over the error--sorry, wait, the mistake--just continue with the sentence--wait--go back--with the paragraph and fix the error--er, the mistake.

Please go back and delete that last guideline.

When dictating on your cell phone from your car, be sure to go through as many tunnels as possible. This will ensure confidentiality of the information.

You (y-o-u) do not need (n-e-e-d) to spell (s-p-e-l-l) obvious words (w-o-r-d-s) for us (u-s). It is our job (j-o-b) to know (k-n-o-w) how to (t-o) spell words that (t-h-a-t) we learned in third (t-h-i-r-d) grade (g-r-a-d-e).

One last thing, it is not necessary to repeat the same sentence multiple times in the same dictation.

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Monique said...

I love this!!! I'm still a student and already know this to be so true. I can laugh now...