Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Caption ideas?

I already thought of "It's a dog's life" and "Could we be any more comfortable?"

Give me a caption for these pictures! (I'm collecting pix and captions all year this year, to make another calendar for Michael next year!)


Anonymous said...

"It's OUR couch for now...the big guy's not home yet!"

"Pretend you're asleep - she'll take the picture and go away...."

The Charcoal Lambie

Joy said...

I love it! Thanks!

There's also my standard statement....."This is why we finally bought leather!" It only took me 30 years of marriage to figure out that leather could be cleaned, dusted, etc....I was at a friend's home who had THREE black labs, and their leather sofas were 10 years old and still looked wonderful.....went back home to mine and looked at the dingy fabric, holes, wear, and the total inability to do much about it (had shampooed it myself several times with upholstery cleaning unit) and the lightbulb went off! We were at the next LazyBoy sale where they offered a low price, free delivery, and three months interest free financing! :)

(This is also why I have wood laminate floors and tile, teehee! Not that I keep them clean, but if I ever need to get them that way for a super special can be done!)

Thanks for the caption suggestions, Jackie!!

Karene said...

I vote for: "Pretend you're asleep - she'll take the picture and go away...." ha,ha,ha