Friday, January 11, 2008

Random Things

Poor Max the Wuss Magnificent is still waiting for the Girlz to get their own beds to rest on downstairs......He says, "Sigh."

I got another small piece of transcription business today, to help make up for the recent loss of a large piece......Small pieces add up, so I'm encouraged.

Laurie had an extremely good interview resulting in a job offer today, and if all goes well, she will be able to leave her current position and will be starting next Tuesday. Great job, great growth potential, great money, and GREAT BENEFITS! We decided to celebrate when she and Billy came up for dinner tonight, and Michael got her this giant cookie!

(I love Billy's new mohawk!)

I made stuffed shells, enough for my dinner, a batch for Karene, and a batch for my freezer.....Yay!

I also made honey-whole wheat-almond bread, and cottage cheese dilly bread....and all of the loaves rose beautifully, baked well and sliced up nicely!

We enjoyed an over-all-too-quickly dinner with Karen, Billy and Laurie.....We didn't play any games tonight because we all have "stuff" to do tomorrow requiring early alarm-clock setting......So we will have a rematch next week!

It was a good day! I am thankful.

Oh, and I registered my Red Hats chapter two days the name is ours....

We are indeed, the Red Hot Sew 'n Sews!


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