Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Meeses progress

I'm learning a lot. And having fun in the process!

I'm getting a little better at staying where I should be with the stitching. I have everything appliqued in place except the bow I am contemplating for the center moose. (click to enlarge)

I think she needs something. I'm already planning a necklace for her and possibly some funky glasses, but I'm undecided about the bow. Well, undecided about the glasses too....I will make them and see how they look on her, before deciding. Have not decided how to make the eyes yet, either! And what about the nostrils?!

I'm also contemplating how to make the hands show up more. Perhaps a tight, black satin stitch around just the hand? like a hoof? I have chalked in the mark I need to make with a skinny satin stitch anyway, to imply a finger in the hand.

The same sort of marking needs to be satin stitched into the feet.

Any suggestions? A few more details like those I've mentioned above and after that, I need to figure out borders. At that point, I can put it on the Janome 1600 and meander around the white background. I think I will shadow stitch around the meeses, especially the arms, hands, to make them show more. Invisible thread?

Sew much to learn!

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Yvette said...

How did I miss all of your posts? I must have been sewing too much. LOL!

I love your Meeses!!!! I can't believe the progress you have made on them in such a short time.