Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day

I love this!

This is my favorite holiday.....most of my accounts close for two days, plus the weekend....I can work in a leisurely fashion in the early morning each day....and then the day is mine, mine, mine! Today, I get to enjoy a yummy dinner and the company of Laurie, Billy, and Billy's family, Michael and Karen.....
Tomorrow after I work, Karen and I are invited to the classroom for a free all day sew with Ellen, Jenny, Karene, Yvette....and Janet will be there too!! Progress will be made on the Meeses! Saturday after I work, Karen and I have a date to put up the Christmas tree and a few decorations.....Sunday after I work, I have quilting class! I love Thanksgiving weekend!

Wishing everyone a great day with lots of good food, laughter and love!

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