Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Great Cookie Caper of 2007 continues....

Michael dipped his "acorn" cookies yesterday.....the almond flavored cookies are dipped in a melted chocolate to make the top of the acorn. He made these in red and green. Here's a peek at one of the green batches. Yum!

Then he got a bee in his bonnet that we needed to make a new cookie or two this year. So he wanted to try candycane cookies. First we got to play with it as if it was play-dough. Only this play-dough was peppermint flavored! We rolled out "snakes" of the dough.

The "snakes" were laid together and rolled lightly with the rolling pin. The flattened ribbon of dough was sprinkled with sugar. (Yes, that is a piece of Twizzler candy lying in plain sight on the counter.....all this cookie making takes extra carbs for energy, right??)

It was then cut into strips. I whipped out the pizza cutter and used it like I was rotary cutting fabric (!) and made short work of that step.

Michael placed them on the cookie sheets, twisted them into candy cane shapes, and managed the baking and removal to cooking racks.

Don't they look great?


Karene said...

Yummy !!! They look sooooooo gooood !!!

Yvette said...

If you need someone to sample I know a cookie monster. :)