Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Guest Blogger

Hi! Sadie here. Herself is all involved with "stuff" and so she said I could do the honors.

Its been kind of a normal day here. Not much excitement. At one point this afternoon, Herself tore out the front door with her camera. Apparently it had something to do with the droning noise that I was barking at. She came back in the house and patted me and said "Thanks Sadie! I like to see the blimp!" I have no idea what she is talking about, but she says to put this picture here.

Michael was busy today too......today, it was 200+ Spritz Christmas trees. Yummy!

Later this evening, Herself got out lots of wooden birdhouses and all kinds of origami paper.

It almost looked like what she does upstairs in her quilting studio.....lots of different patterns and colors.

She worked for a long time, muttering under her breath about "This one's just for practice.....I haven't done this in a long time......" When she stopped for the night, she had made this.

She says she's going to change the inner color of the doorway to the birdhouse from that red to deep blue like the roof.....redecorating already?!

Meanwhile, I had done my best to demonstrate that I too, am crafty! Given the proper materials, and some time, a little lack of supervision peace and quiet......

I can make a colorful mess too! Uh oh.....Herself wants to know who did this!!?? Seems this was Christmas ribbon.....new, unopened Christmas ribbon. I think I'm headed for the doghouse.

Maybe the cute sheepish look?

Can I blame it on my big brother? Max?

Oh like that's going to work. Big Guy was obviously nowhere near the scene of the crime.....

I think my guest blogging privileges are going to be revoked.



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