Sunday, October 15, 2006


One of the most fun things that happened while I was in Cody was the Yellowstone Quilt Fest. It is a truly quality show - some amazing talent is displayed each year and I deliberately time some of my visits home if possible in September, both for the cooler temperatures (its when we are unbearably warm in SoCal!) and the great quilt show to look forward to, on top of the chance to see Mom and Dad.....

This year, I entered the show on Friday night and began walking around, totally unsuspecting, just drinking in the beautiful work of so many quilters. Suddenly, Mom grabbed me and turned me in the direction of a wall of small quilts......I don't even recall what she said to me, I just know my eyes honed in on a familiar little hand quilted piece I had done myself......oh piece was in the show!

I was a while getting my jaw off the floor. While I was stupified, Mom pinned a green "participant" ribbon on my shirt and took a picture.

That wasn't all.....we rounded a corner and I met a sweatshirt/jacket conversion with quilted collar, and pockets, that I had made years ago....also entered by Mom in the Quilt a "Wearable". I was getting dizzy.

(Again, Blogger refuses to cooperate and load my pictures......I'm sure this is pilot error, but its annoying).

And one row further - I collided with the flying geese vest I had made for her a few years earlier......Also entered as a "Wearable".

I don't think Mom'nDad's smiles could have gotten any bigger. How they pulled it off and didn't tell me for the whole week before the show, I don't know. I didn't win any ribbons or anything, but I got something WAY better.

Mom later sent me the "report card/critique" from the judges, and they had some nice comments, compliments, and a few suggestions for improvement....that was really cool. But best of all, I got the note she sent with the pieces when they were entered into the quilt fest.....and her last comment about "if the pieces met with the requirements for entry, she wanted to enter them in the quilt show, because she was very proud of my handiwork"...... That's a blue first prize ribbon to me!!

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