Tuesday, October 17, 2006

In other good news!

Laurie had a birthday on October 7th....After the NA meeting, she gave me this:

(the small print on the chip says "Clean and Serene for 18 months")

I got to see her take this chip, and all the hugs and congratulations! She has such a dynamite support group right now - and she's doing such a good job! Its a daily hard strugle for her and I'm not naive about it. Its a struggle she will face the rest of her life. I only can hope that maybe time and each consecutive birthday can make it just a little bit easier!! It was heartwarming to hear some of the other women say how much they love her and what she means to them....

I love her too!! ;)

As for crafts lately, Karen's poncho progresses.....I'm making the Very Harlot Poncho by Stephanie (the Yarn Harlot http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/images/harlot_poncho.pdf ) and I'm really enjoying it. It is done on circular needles and it has been a great project to get back into knitting with. I'm already eyeing other projects..... One more ball of yarn and I can take it off the needles and add fringe.....just in time for cooler weather! Pictures will follow later, because right now it is a ball of knitted fabric, indistinguishable as a poncho (it is created from the neck, which is small, and GROWS with each row, down to the fingertips....so there are LOTS of stitches on the needles now....and it is a big lump of (quite nice, thank you!) knitted fabric! :)

I've been doing a bit of quilting (and I've named the quilt "the quilt that kicked my 'arse' from here to Pigeon Forge").....Here's one square before it was put together:

Perserverance, creative cursing seaming, ripping out and redoing has resulted in a better result than I had on my last kaleidoscope quilt.....

Also, I am making progress on Laurie's butterfly quilt.....the squares are in rows now, just need to join the rows and then borders, batting and backing and its ready to machine quilt....She might get it in time for her newly painted bedroom, to put on her new bed! We were originally going to do that for her birthday, but she chose clothing for work for a birthday gift instead....so I have a bit more time!

I have started a project for Karen for Chistmas too.....and one for Patrick......

Didja know there's only 69 days til Christmas?????

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