Monday, October 30, 2006

KP duty

I love once-a-month cooking.....after its done. (Duh!)

No, make that, after the dishes are done!!

I made a bunch of stuff this weekend. Manicotti stuffed with beef and a little marinara sauce, and topped with a cheese sauce (3 casseroles- sounded odd, but worth trying). Salisbury steaks and gravy (2 casseroles). Sloppy Joes (2 containers). Beef was browned with seasonings and put away for tacos and other meals. And then I ran out of steam....

So today when I finished typing, I made lasagne using some of the beef made in advance.....

Domestic goddess status remains intact for another day :)

And then I made some butternut squash/pumpkin soup to celebrate autumn, cooler temperatures, and all things ORANGE! It has curry and many other spices in it - Yummy with a bit of sour cream on top to stir in....

Tomorrow, I attack the chicken side of the menu - Mexican chicken roll-ups (pounded chicken breasts, rolled around cheese and cilantro and salsa, rolled in bread crumbs and baked), homemade chicken nuggets, Tarragon Chicken with a honey mustard sauce....

On the quilting front, here is a progress report on the Quilt That Whipped My Arse from here to Pigeon Forge.....(big time!)...... I eventually assembled a quilt top that looks like this:

It has a bit of burnt orange and teal and a green-tinged tan in it, and the sash between the blocks is teal, and I have tan and burnt orangey-brown border material yet to attach. The fun part about machine quilting this one, is that I can follow the "pieces of the pie" in each kaleidoscope square, stitching in the ditch, and when its done, it makes a really cool design on the back of the quilt - kind of unexpected, but nice.

After that, I have borders and machine quilting to go on a certain butterfly quilt (that one is for Laurie Lu Lovebucket).....and then there are two more projects (UFOs) on my horizon.....and already two are in the planning stages beyond that. :)

And then there's my knitting...... my book of projects to make is now filling a one inch binder......So many ideas, so little time!

Happy Halloween!

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