Tuesday, June 27, 2006

But in other good news!

My "Laurie Lu Lovebucket" had 444 days yesterday! One-day-at-a-time is adding up! She has worked SO hard and come so far. She has a fantastic support system, good friends, a good program, a great job, and fantastic results to show for it. Two of the people that I am thankful and grateful beyond words for, are Milton (her counselor, mentor and friend) and Kim (her sponsor, friend, partner in fun - she works with Milton)..... They have watched Laurie go from the little girl in the corner with the black clothes, the black hoodie pulled up over her head, angry and snarling....and they have encouraged, directed, dared and cheered her on....and today, she is the "Laurie Lu (not her real middle name!) Lovebucket" that we knew was in there somewhere, and are so very, very proud of. Here's a pick of Kim and some of Laurie's girlfriends on a recent trip to ski/snowboard at Big Bear......(see what I mean about partner in fun??) (Laurie far left, Kim beside her)
And here's Mr. Milton himself....with Kim at a bonfire down at the beach that the group held one weekend....

And here's another picture of Milton, I believe from one of the conventions they attended...

And one last picture of my Laurie on the right, at a wedding she attended with a friend recently! What a lovely young lady she is! Congratulations Laurie Lu! I love you!

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