Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I'm finishing another UFO (unfinished object!)......

This is a quilt that has taught me, among other things, how very much I need the class I am taking on Sunday at Leah's Quilts. Janet, teacher extraordinaire, just might make a real quilter out of me yet! I invented this quilt, in a sense. I just sort of made it up. I purchased 4" squares of a variety of flowered materials on Ebay, because they reminded me of Karene. Her preferred clothing colors, her spirit, just seemed to go with the squares of flowers. I wanted to make her a quilt to wrap up in and watch TV, drag outside and use for a picnic, and wrap up in when she needed to "feel the love" during difficult times - the quilt was to represent a hug from me....It wasn't supposed to be a masterpiece of technical ability.....just a soft, comforting "blankie" for a bestest friend!

I put the top together during a trip to Cody to see Mom and Dad....we had so much fun laying it out and calculating strips and purchasing borders.....

That was last September a long time embarrassingly long time ago......Its getting finished now! The quilt top turned out fine, but I'm not so hot at finishing them. I'm not entirely pleased with this one, but it will still serve the purpose for which it is made - representing a hug from me!

Note to self: Pay attention when Janet teaches you how to finish the class quilt!

Anyway, I machine quilted it today using simple diagonal stitching with varigated thread that picks up the flower colors....

My hands didn't feel like they were gripping too well, and I don't own any of those fancy quilting gloves with the gripping finger surfaces......Lightbulb moment!! Karen gave me gardening gloves with gripping surfaces for Mother's yet unused, so no mud and crud to get on the quilt! Perfect!

They helped a lot! Might not ever take them out to the yard for yard work!!

Got the quilting done, the binding attached.....all that's left is hand stitching the binding and hiding my loose threads. Hmmmm, strategic folding might hide the one crooked corner that has really irritated the heck out of me for the last hour! Oh well, won't get noticed......much......maybe...... :(

Optimistic as always, I'm already planning what I will tackle next, as if I actually knew what I was doing!

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Karene said...

You know, my friend, I always welcome hugs from you!!! I never would have known about the crooked corner if you didn't blog it, teehee!!! Personally, I don't care if it's not me it represents the fact we (people) are not PERFECT and it's the little imperfections that make us unique and special. I will cherish my "blankie" for the rest of my life. Maybe even have it buried with me, but then no one else will ever feel the love from it, so maybe not...I love you, my friend. You're the best !