Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Little Jasmine/Little Egypt

Sometimes Usually, I have more good (?) ideas than I have knowledge for their execution. But I get an A for effort. About two months ago Deborah, a friend of mine, moved from SoCal to eastern Pennsylvania......and before she left, she offered me some of the beautiful plants in her backyard. This is one of the plants that I knew would need to be replanted once got it here, a jasmine. I thought it would be perfect planted beside my front porch with another jasmine already near there, because it would look pretty and smell great when we sat on the porch.
While buying the items I thought would make a swell border and ensure Little Jasmine's survival......Karen and I met Little Egypt (Karen named her that because she is an Egyptian Papyrus). We liked her "hair" at the top of her stalks. She had a wild ride home in Karen's car, hanging out of the back window in 45 mph wind conditions (thank heavens we didn't need to go on the freeway - she would really have had a "bad hair day!"). We put her in the approximate location where she would be planted, to get used to her new digs....
Today I decided to sneak outside and plant Little Jasmine and Little Egypt. Which of course entailed a lot of digging, and placing the blocks for the border, etc. My dad always teased me when I was younger about "flunking sandbox". That's because I can't shovel worth a darn. Could have planted about four times the number of plants if I could have successfully just removed the dirt with each shovelful instead of watching half of it relocate back in the hole with each attempt.

Also, my efforts were made gingerly at best, because I was in the Sprinkler-Grand-Central instead of the JoyDenise pile-driving method (insert shovel, jump on it and bounce like a pogo stick), I had to very gently push down, and each resistence had to be hand dug out, to determine if it was a rock or, horrors! a sprinkler pipe. When working in the back of the border area, I began to mire up in sluggish clay........yep....I think we have another sprinkler leak. Would never have known it unless I had gotten out there today.....But at least its not in the area I was digging, so I don't have to feel bad! Just have to cough up the money for Mr. Hernandez to fix it. Here's the view, halfway through:

Progress! Next I dug holes, plopped in Little Jasmine and Little Egypt.....while trying not to sink in the soggy areas on the right by the sprinkler thingies. Oh, and I attached the lattice to the fence for Little Jasmine. Then came the hard part. Little Jasmine is probably traumatized for life. I had to thread the branches through the lattice again, and get her all situated......I tried to be gentle. Didn't rip off a single leaf. But I wonder if transplanting isn't pretty hard on a plant. Especially when the person doing it has no clue exactly how to do it.

I added a purple running thing (name escapes me) to the mix and that was that. Here's the view from the front porch as you head for the door.....

Now I'll get Mr. Hernandez to fix the underground leak on the right, so we don't drown the new plants.....although they are actually higher than the sprinkler center. If the plants live a month, I think it will be safe to assume the trauma is over and they can be treated with some Miracle Grow. I'm crossing my fingers.

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