Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pattern picked, test block completed!

I was working on my next Farmer's Wife block last night, and midway through, I couldn't stand it any more, and I had to try my first block for the H2H Charity Quilt Challenge....

I know. I have QADD (quilter's attention deficit disorder).

The fabric Kathy sent me was just Sew Cute! I chose to fussy cut the dinosaurs and make them the center of star blocks. Here is the middle of the first block.

Here is the Lucky Stars pattern (definitely a keeper!), and more of the fabrics that will be used.

My H2H partner Kathy sent me some really colorful coordinating fabrics, and I pulled more from my stash. And then my sewing roommate pulled a few from her stash for me too! Thanks Karen!!

Now that I know my plan will work, I am going to cut all the fats and fussy cut all the dinosaur centers. I'll keep all the pieces in a basket and make several blocks a week (they go together very quickly!) in between my Farmer's Wife and Sylvia blocks. They are a nice change from the teentsy 6 inch blocks and I'm going to enjoy them!

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Yvette said...

Now that came out too cute!!!