Tuesday, May 03, 2011

One more...

It was Hot today. H.O.T.

I decided to be a wuss and not work in the garden today. Instead I typed like mad all day and went up to my room after I finished. I made the "Strawberry Basket" block for Farmer's Wife tonight. It's a bit wonky because I wasn't paying attention and should have made one adjustment to avoid an inset seam.... ugh. But done, is done! By the time it's quilted, it won't be wonky!

I'm looking forward to the temps dropping over the next few days, and then I can hopefully get the rest of the garden in! Many more days like today, and my peas will give up before they grow up!


Susan In Texas said...

I think it looks terrific and I think your attitude is great. (I have a friend that I am CONSTANTLY encouraging to NOT unpick everything she does. Such a perfectionist, she rarely gets anything done - drives me mad!) It doesn't look wonky to me, just a little odd because the edge seam allowances haven't been used yet, and time will take care of that too.

Happy quilting,
Susan in Texas

Yvette said...

It looks great!!

It looks like today will be another hot one. I suggest staying indoors and sewing.

Anonymous said...

I love that one! Great job!