Monday, May 02, 2011

A few things....

Just when Yvette and Ellen probably thought I was never going to get any more blocks done on Farmer's Wife....

And these are for Dad and Mom..... Dad calls me often to let me know that "the color of the day is WHITE" which means they have snow again....

For one brief moment or two, the color of the day here was WHITE-ish. We had hail a week or two ago. Yes, I am slow getting things blogged!

Our seedlings were not damaged by the hail, so all in all, it was just a glass of iced water for the garden plants! (I started some seeds in cups and containers because it has been a slow, laborious process digging and loosening the soil, smoothing compost all over the place, etc, and I didn't want my slowness to mean that Blast Furnace Season would be upon us before the seeds were planted. I'm so tired tonight from shoveling that I can't tell if that made sense.)

My garden has been consuming a huge amount of my time. I am looking forward to when it's down to just a nice walk through it daily, looking for weeds. Or if I'm successful, looking for my dinner!

In our orange tree, we have a nest! I watched one day as some of the rock pigeons flew in and out of this tree.... We have a group of them that return each year. We call them doves even though technically, I think they are not. They are sweet, peaceful birds. I got suspicious since the male was constantly grabbing twigs!

Later in the evening, Karen and I were on the slope working in the garden and she snapped this picture!

And at one point, despite our best efforts, we scared the Mom away and Karen quickly took a picture of the egg! We've not gotten close enough to see if there is more than one - I don't want to spook the Mom!

I will think of a dozen other things I wanted to post, but I am Le Tired. Good night!


Susan In Texas said...

I didn't realize you ever got hail in Anaheim, not like here in Fort Worth where it is practically a weekly event during spring. Your blocks are lovely. I still remember when a dove hatched her chick in a hanging basket just outside our den window. It was so fun to watch the baby (we called him Fritz) as he very quickly grew. I had to protect them from a hawk one day too. I ran outside waving my arms. lol I don't think Mama dove was too happy about that either, but she settled down quickly after the hawk was gone.

Thanks for sharing,
Susan in Texas

Yvette said...

It is so great to see you finally get some time in your sewing room! YAY!!!!!!!

I can't believe all that work you have to do in your garden. It takes all I have to just make sure I don't kill my mom's flowers and plants. I'm learning!!!

Anonymous said...

Love those blocks! They really look great. I can't believe you got such great pictures of the bird and her nest - that is cool!
Love ya!