Monday, May 23, 2011

Not much to show, but some progress!

In the past few days I've done a few more FW blocks....

And a few more blocks for my Hands2Help Charity quilt. Here's another cute dragon, framed with his star block.

I got the rest of the blocks cut, and everything stacked and organized. I'll have 16 squares, each with a varied border. The quilt will be 60 inches square when I'm done, which is the size requested. This has been a fun one to work on. I don't have any grandchildren, but I would Sew buy some of this fabric and keep it to make one of these if/when the time comes. I love the pattern and it will be a keeper for sure!


Yvette said...

Great blocks!!

Hmmmm, you should get some of that fabric, you never know.

Anonymous said...

I love your blocks! I have twenty of my twenty-five done now, then I'll have to put lattice and put it together. I hope to put it on OleFrogEyes soon.