Thursday, May 20, 2010

See Joy Catch Up #2

Day Two of our Mini-Retreat at Ms. Ellen's, we continued working on our web sampler blocks. Some of us are making them in the original pattern colors, and some of us are doing our own thing.....

Here are our blocks!

And here is Karene, our birthday girl!

And look at this gorgeous block Ellen is doing for a table topper! Sew Pretty!!

We're going to have another get together at Ellen's soon, for a Stripping Party! (Her husband quipped that he'd be sure and be gone that day!! I think he was afraid of just what a stripping party would entail with all us "not exactly spring chicken" ladies!)

We're actually going to take squares I will cut and mark, and use them as a base for strip quilted squares and hopefully, while having fun and enjoying ourselves, we will bust a lot of stash and make enough blocks for two twin quilts for the Crisis Centers!



Yvette said...

All of those blocks are great! They make me want to start out Civil War Tribute. I will resist until we can strategize.

Karene said...

That was such a fun, fun day !!! Love getting together with the rest of the gang....but so sorry I missed Yvette on Saturday.

Jacque said...

Wow...makes me wish I could root around in the construction mess and dig out my Civil War fabrics and start on the next block!!
I guess I'll just have to wait. :(
Everyone is doing such nice work!