Thursday, May 20, 2010

See Joy Catch Up #1

We got together a few weeks ago, us Red Hot Sew'nSews, for a mini-retreat at Ellen's house. She graciously let us come to sew on a consecutive Saturday and Sunday and it was HEAVEN!

On Saturday, Yvette, Jenny and I were with Ellen. Yvette brought some gorgeous blocks she had made in both a black version and a white version. Here are a few pictures of the white one!

She got really tired of making these, and after seven blocks of each set, decided not to do any more. (might have had something to do with each block having 4,592 pieces!!) Instead of making more, she decided that since they "really were just not her", she would put six of the completed blocks from each set together, and sash them, and hopefully with a border they would become much appreciated twin quilts for the crisis centers!

Happy Dance!

So she squared up, cut sashing, and pinned, and I sewed...

YAY!!! The white one is done except for borders! Thank you Yvette!!

We sewed the whole day! (well, except for the part in the early morning, where we went to pick up our BOM at Saturday Sampler at Orange Quilt Bee.....) Here's this month's block I'll be working on.

At the Bee, I had a major "must have it" attack over this pattern!

Yep! I came home with it! More pix from the Sunday part of the mini-retreat up next! (I hate fighting Blogger on pictures, so will make multiple posts with fewer pix when I have a lot to share!)
Here's one more pic.....

I came home that night and made a cake for a certain someone who was having a birthday soon.... Mr. B has decided that one of the few benefits of having the kids all grown and gone most of the time, is that there is no competition for getting to lick the beaters when I bake cakes!



Yvette said...

I wish I had time to get those quilts together so we can get them off to your dad. It looks great in the picture.

Jacque said...

Love the last picture the best...I have one of those here, too, but it is usually the bacon or fried chicken that gets nibbled!
Love to all,