Monday, May 10, 2010

The Big Six Oh

We're becoming antiques here at Chez Bury. I turned 55.... and then, not to be outdone, Michael turned 60.

Such a momentous occasion was worthy of a special cake, Karen decided! And since her Dad and I hail from the "flower power" and "groovy" years, she decided to replicate his prized 1971 VW Bus!

Is that not the cutest thing?

It tasted good too! We made quite a dent in it, although it seemed a shame to cut it!

We took him to dinner at his new favorite Pizza place, Tony's, in Fullerton. Patrick and TiJae were able to join us.

The deep dish pizzas are MASSIVE, and the cheese and ingredients are SO thick - the pizza weighs a ton and the best that some of us could do was two pieces and we were stuffed!

Patrick found the Ranch Dressing!
We had too much pizza. Patrick and TiJae took home some pizza and so did we!

One of Michael's favorite gifts was something I'd looked for for three years. A favorite show of his, as a child, was Whirlybirds. It was about helicopters. Unlike The Fugitive and Cannon and other old shows he loved, this one was NOT available. I finally found it online and it made him grin from ear to ear. On his birthday, he watched about three episodes!

He had a tiny cake that morning with gifts - that little lumpy cake was made from the bits left over from the VW cake... it was sad looking, but delicious!

Happy Birthday Michael!


Yvette said...

What a great looking cake!

Happy Birthday Mr. B!!

Jacque said...

Happy birthday Michael!! Looks like a very special day.
Karen - awesome job on the "bus" deserve a spot on Ace of Cakes!!

Roslyn said...

Omigosh what a wonderful cake, your daughter is so clever.
I thought that 55 was the end of the world & promised to slap the first person to off me a sr. discount! now at the advanced age of 67 I look at my Dad [who is 99 tomorrow] & wonder!
Someone said it's not the years but how old you feel-well sometimes I FEEL 100,LOL

Anonymous said...

Dear Joy Denise,

I've enjoyed your blog since I discovered it a few months back. Once again you've given me a 'happy treat' - this time it's Grip it and Rip it cheese bread. Oh my gosh, that looks like the best thing, ever. I'll give it a try REAL soon.

Also too-cool; cupcake potholders and Tony's Pizza next time I'm down Fullerton-way.

I love to follow the things you do, you inspire me to get my sewing area cleaned up and get to projects.

Happy (late) Birthday to you and Michael.

Patty (in Pasadena)