Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yorba Linda Tea Party 2010

Michael wanted company as he attended the Tea Party in Yorba Linda this afternoon, so I tagged along to take pictures! It was a very well-organized event, with lots of signs, lots of families, lots of enthusiasm!

I've made a slideshow that is huge and don't want to eat up my blog space, so I am posting a link here that will take anyone interested to the 65 or so pix I took, in my Photo Bucket account.

Here are some of the cutest things I saw while there:

Now, I don't necessarily agree with or condone every single one of the slogans or pictures shown. A phrase I've heard at meetings recently comes to mind: Take what you like and leave the rest! That being said, here is the link for the slideshow:




Yvette said...

I took what I liked and left the rest. I liked most of it though. ;)

Jacque said...

I liked everything you looked like most of the other tea parties I have seen. Lots of flags and patriotic people, lots of signs that don't spew hate - just disatisfaction with what they feel is the wrong direction for our country to be headed in.
Also lots of people who are ready to do what is necessary to change things for the better - a nice change from those who just want to complain or shout at the TV!!
(Come to think of it, the tea parties I have seen that have been more strident have been in DC....hmmm, could it be because they are actually looking at what frustrates them?) :)

vicki said...

Yay, Joy & Mr. B!! :)

Great pics, looks about like what I've seen, also. I'll shut up now so as not to turn your blog into a political or rather anti-political site! LOL

Susan In Texas said...

I liked the dogs; they're cute. 8) I second the motion to not turn your lovely quilting blog into a political blog, so I'll shut up too. 8)