Sunday, April 11, 2010

Time to Quilt a Wallhanging....

Here's my finished "Do What You Love With All Your Heart" top! Don't look too closely at the embroidery - it was done through cloth, interfacing and Wonder-Under - my fingertips are sore!

I've brought my Janome 1600 down to the dining room table and I plan to stitch in the ditch around each "shelf" block, and then MAYBE echo quilt the big items, like around the sewing machine, the kitty, etc. I'm not sure if it needs much else? Maybe a bit of loopies in the outer border?

Anyway, after that, I can bind it and get it on the wall! Yay!

Also, here's a book I highly recommend. I've had it forever, but I pulled it out to look for patterns for the Crisis Center quilts and hit pay dirt. Right now I'm doing one that is Oh-Sew-Easy (my description, not the name) but gives a really pretty finish....

Karen held the curling top down for me to take the picture..... note the springy yellow nailpolish!

See how simple? A simple band of black gets put on two sides of the four patch and then they get put together kind of at 90 degree angles to each other.... Fast and pretty! Can't wait to show this one when it's finished! Should not be long!

The color is not accurate on this square, as the pink is really darker/dustier and the floral matches it!

Here's a picture of the fabrics I've pulled from stash for this quilt...

(you can click to embiggen)

I'm loving the black on black print for this one! Wish I could find more of this fabric!! (I found it at M&L's!)

Wishing everyone a great week! :)


Yvette said...

Sneaky, sneaky!

You have been busy! The wall hanging turned out great. Quilt that bad boy and call it a finish!

I can't wait to see the end result of all that fabric. I am hoping it is soon. Hmmmm, I think you are sewing TODAY. BHH!!!

Jacque said...

LOVE that wall hanging - it is so cute, and you did an awesome job picking fabrics, and completing it. I am going to try to start my quickie quilt top soon! Have fun sewing!

Karene said...

Awesome !!! Love the wall hanging ! You are becoming quite the applique-er....teehee! Great job !