Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A good day!

I had a really wonderful birthday. I got cards from sweet friends. I got gorgeous flowers from my thoughtful sister!

I got a sweet card and a certificate for the J-store from Karen (I do love me some J-store bargains!) and I plan to get stabilizer and maybe some Misty Fuze for some projects I'm contemplating! I also got this beautiful necklace and earrings from Karen.... Wow!

I love them! Karen has excellent taste!! :)

I got all kinds of presents from Michael! I guess it must have been because I'm Double Nickles this year (55) that I got matching gift certificates from M&Ls fabric store! Whooo hooo!

I also got this adorable piggy bank. Is he not the cutest thing? (He has a pink sister living in Karen's room!)

(Sorry, I'm sitting sideways here, admiring his paisley designs!) See the fat quarters right in front of me? I haven't stopped patting them yet!

When we finished celebrating, I went upstairs and decided to experiment with a new stabilizer that is for lighter weight fabrics, and I decorated two basic tee-shirts.

They turned out pretty well, so I plan to get more of the stabilizer and keep on decorating all the tee-shirts I found when I cleaned out my sewing room!

Then I finished up the last two five inch blocks for the Saturday Sampler this month. Here is the ten inch block and the three five inch blocks. I could have picked better contrasting materials on one of them, but I'm pleased overall.

I'm all wound down! The End!


Jacque said...

Wow! Quite a haul! Wish I could be there and go with you on your sprees with your gift certificates! There's no telling how many FQs will go home from the store with you!!

Love the piggie, and the blocks, too. Those shirts are professional looking!
Looks like you had a great day! Me too! Same time next year?! :)

Yvette said...

That wasn't a "good" day, that was a GREAT day. WOW!!! You made out like a bandit!!!!

Don't you just love that stack of FQ's??? I have the same stack sitting on my desk. They are almost too pretty to cut yet I can't wait to chop them up and make a block or two or 120. :)

Karene said...

Absolutely love the redwork T-shirts !!! Very, very nice. I really need to spend more time embroidering. So where did you buy the Misty fuse?

Roslyn said...

what a nice birthday you ad!
Love your sampler blocks, it must be the thing right now I keep getting more BOM's to quilt ! But I am getting faster at making quilting decisions for all the different blocks.