Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Weather and Progress!

Look at these pictures of the weather that blew through here tonight! These were taken from my girls' bedroom windows, between the raindrops on the windowpanes!

It was over so fast but it was a really awesome few minutes!

And here's what I was working on in the sewing room tonight.

Above is this month's ten-inch block for Saturday Sampler, at the Orange Quilt Bee.

And here is the pile of teentsy pieces I was working with for the three five-inch blocks.

I got a little better once I started extra trimming up and making sure things were "okay" at various stages along the way. A bit of pressing seams OPEN may have occurred to reduce bulk!

Here's the first of the three little blocks.

I have the centers of the other two done, but I am Le Tired, and tomorrow is another day!

Or rather today is! It's now Wednesday and hey, I'm 55!!!! Whoo hooo! :)


Susan In Texas said...

Your "Do What You Love" wall-hangings are terrific and I love all your new blocks, especially the big one - it's beautiful!

Happy stitching,

Yvette said...

Oh dear! Those blocks are ridiculously great!!!!
Why didn't I participate in Saturday Sampler??? Am kicking self hard now.

Happy Birthday!!!

Double Nickels!!! CINCO CINCO!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!

Jacque said...

I love your blocks! You are so much more precise than me something to aspire to, right?! The big block is really nice!

Karene said...

WOW !!! That sky has really touched the "painter" side of me...GORGEOUS!!! Love your blocks too...very very pretty !! SEW IMPRESSED....luv ya