Monday, January 25, 2010

Two "Home Is" Wallhangings Are Done!

I spent some time working in the yard today and then rewarded myself with time in the sewing room! Tiger was hanging out with me, because she was missing her Karen.

She spent the majority of the evening on my left foot. This was interrupted occasionally by crawling to the other side of me and giving me the Woebegone Sad Face, propped on my right knee.

Eventually, her Karen came home from her class and I was deserted. Without a backward glance.

In the meantime, I put three quilt hangers from Ackfeld on the wall over the sofa in the den. (Michael gave them to me on our anniversary in November!) I grabbed a block from my stack of "Home Is Where The Heart Is" blocks, and sandwiched it with batting and backing, minimally quilted it in the ditch and a few strategic midpoint areas, and then bound it. I made two tabs and used buttons to hold them....

Voila! April is hanging! (Click to embiggen)

Yes, I know it's only January. I meant to grab March, so that I could work toward getting January, February and March on the wall. Figured if I ran into my usual good (?) luck, I would surely be able to finish February and March, by the beginning of March. However, it went quickly. So quickly that I had time to do another one. That's when I figured out I had my months screwed up. Oh well! I grabbed the Real March block and finished it too!

I think it's going to look nice. Me Likee!

My goal eventually is to have the current month in the center, and the next month on the right, the previous month on the left. Each month I'll bring out a new block and put one away, and there will always be three displayed. Yay!!

Tomorrow, back to my "Do What You Love" project. I have some hand embroidery waiting for me - ugh. I'm not real fond of hand embroidery, mostly because it makes my hands hurt.... but I am determined to get this small amount done, and then get to quilting that wall hanging!

The year of the UFO is shaping up nicely!!


Yvette said...

The year of the UFO is really shaping up nicely! Your wall hangings look INCREDIBLE!!!! I can't wait to see them in person.

Ahhhh, poor Tiger. What a sweetie!

Karene said...

VERY, VERY NICE !!! I love them. Can't wait to do mine !

Jacque said...

Wow! Those look so great hanging up on those cute hangers! (Hey, who cares if the right month is up there?!!!)
Those are really cute! Tiger seems like she would be a great sewing companion - but the disloyalty! Tsk! Tsk!
Great work, sis!