Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sewing Saturday!

I took some time this weekend to join our dear Ellen and Jenny for a Sewing Saturday! We're working on a sampler project together and the three of us wanted to do our block together. There are five of us doing it: Ellen, Jenny, Karene, and I here in So Cal, and my sister Jacque in South Carolina!! Karene and Jacque had already done their block for this month. We tried, tried, tried to twist Yvette's arm into joining us, but she managed to escape without us enabling her into another project for this year. She has promised to come and join us sometimes when we are working on this sampler, and work on her own UFOs at the same time! Sounds like a plan to me!

Here's a view of each of the five blocks (name of quilter is under each block - click on pix to embiggen!):

Karene's block

Jenny's block

Ellen's block

Jacque's block

and Joy's block.

We "done good!!" Thank you Ellen, for letting us sew at your house. I can't wait for next month's block! We will sure know a lot about half-square triangles when we finish the next one!



Karene said...

They are all SEW pretty !!! We rock !!!

Yvette said...


I am so impressed!!!! Green eyed monster is starting to come out of me. LOL

Jacque said...

Yay! All of the blocks look wonderful! Sure hope we can all keep this going! Use that stash!