Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thank heavens, a new post!

It was brought to my attention by one of my many five readers that it has been quite a while since I posted. The Happy Holidays (which were neither) have ended, thankfully.... and life at Chez Bury has been rather tame and quiet. But here's a little Quilty Stuff that I've been up to!

I'm continuing to work on my "Do What You Love, With All Your Heart".

I used my embroidery machine to make the signs, top and bottom, because my hands just don't handle huge amounts of embroidery too well any more. I like how it turned out! I have to finish blanket stitching around the signs at the top and bottom, the fabric on the sewing machine, the teacup, and various little things like pins on pincushions and threads dangling from spools....

and then put hearts in all four corners of the border, and VOILA! It will be time to sandwich it and quilt it and bind it! Yay!

Also, Saturday Sampler started last Saturday at Orange Quilt Bee! Here is my first ten inch block.........

And here are two (of the three) five inch blocks I must make this month. These little guys are small! Many little pieces (though not as many as Yvette's Insane Block!) scattered all over everywhere.....

And this appears to be one of the easier five inch blocks!

I have one more 5 inch block to piece tomorrow and I'm done for January!

Then I will hopefully organize my UFO list, and get it on my sidebar to keep me on target, and start busting UFO's!!


Karene said...

WHOA HOA !!! That's right !!! Love the Saturday Sampler....however, I'm glad I didn't try to tackle this one this year. Anyway, love the wall hanging ! You did a great job with the embroidery machine. I really want to do more embroidery !

Yvette said...

Oh dear! Is it too late for me to join? Say it is!!!

Those blocks are fantastic! I really like the fabrics you chose.

I remember when you started that wall hanging. I love what you have done with it. Keep at it, we need to get these UFOs done so we can start a new project.

Jacque said...

What can I possibly say? I am absolutely speechless looking at that wall hanging - it is awesome!
The colors are perfect, and really pop, and everything is so crisp and the kitteh!!
That is going to look great on your wall or door or somewhere in your sewing room!! Beautiful, beautiful work!
Love, Your sis

Yvette said...

OK, I just checked your UFO list. My first quilt I ever made with Janet was an Irish Chain. I see yours still on the UFO list. Come on girl!!! Knock that baby off in 2010. I love mine and it stays on my bed during the warm months.