Saturday, July 25, 2009


What a lousy week. Michael's computer got the black screen of death on Sunday. We replaced it. "Hello Vista, how quickly can you make me scream?"

My computer started heading down hill Monday. Ripped off all my info (mostly) right before it became more sluggish than the snails on the sidewalk. Replaced it. "Hello Vista, how quickly can you make me scream and rip out my few remaining hairs?"

Also bundled my new computer with a monitor for Michael - why not? May as well REALLY go for broke!

(Michael's DVD bit the dust. He replaced it last weekend also.)

Multiple softwares that I use for my business then ceased to be compatible with the new Vista.

Innumerable two hour chats were held with Not pleasant. Also - as sluggish as the aforementioned snails.

Background additional stressors during all this?

My internet service which has been crappy for months, took a dive. The router had been replaced two weeks ago (by Time Warner themselves). Now I couldn't stay online for more than five minutes. Neither could anyone in the house. Over this week, I worked my way from "normal customer who hasn't got a clue" to

"hey, here's a number to my desk, you are now receiving Tier Three customer service - because WE haven't got a clue here at Time Warner, either, but we will try to get to the bottom of it!"

More hours on the phone.

I finally, on Thursday, got working, STEADY internet service. I was beginning to hear strains of the Hallelujua Chorus in the distance.

Until I tried to use my printer or the scan option on it. Also not compatible. Despite more hours on the phone.

HP finally told me that they had no intention of writing drivers for my old printer to use with Vista.

Bought new printer (HP All-In-One) at Staples. (Yes, I stepped out on Best Buy. I have never bought office equipment (the big stuff) at Staples, but the Blue Shirts at Best Buy had been limited in helpfulness and wardrobe capabilities.)

Not compatible. (Box said compatible with Vista!)

HP told me they were not going to write drivers to make the NEW printer compatible with "64-bit Vista edition" either. Had I not had "64 bit", whatever the heck that is, it would have worked. "Tough luck, dear customer."

Returned printer to Staples. I already knew they had a better selection by LEAPS AND BOUNDS. This time, I didn't trust the box; I consulted their resident geek.

I found out they had fantastic knowledgable employees who could keep their pants up..... Sorry, the whole "wear my pants so low that I have frequent wardrobe failures" really bothers me. Even on a guy with a cute butt. Yes, I am an old fart.

I bought a Brother All-In-One. It works beautifully.... I was hearing Hallelujua Chorus again in the distance.

I networked Karen to me, so she doesn't have to buy a printer, as she is returning to school in a few weeks and will need to print a lot at home. Chorus is getting louder.

I sat down, for the first time in almost five days, and began to type on Friday night. I was working!

Minus my medical word expander which apparently is no longer available at all, and certainly is not available for Vista, and I just can't cough up another $177.00 for another brand of medical expander this week. My blood pressure has returned to normal, despite the inconvenience of not having the old software - I'm doing Just. Fine. with my fairly expansive personal "auto correct" which I successfully imported from my laptop using a macro I found on the internet.

The lovely background chorus was interrupted by a piercing scream from upstairs.

Karen's cell phone bit the dust. White screen of death.

I am really sorry for this, but I was SO glad it was not something of mine that died. Off to Best Buy we went.... Ran into at least two Blue Shirts who said "You're back again?"

Karen has a new phone. It's a Palm Pre (I think). She is happy. At least until her Best Buy card bill arrives. (She did get a stellar deal for 1/3 normal price based on how long she has been a Sprint customer.)

We're holding our collective breath over here. In fact, we're regularly banging our heads against the wooden doors around the house (our version of knocking on wood).

All in all, a fun-filled $2000.00 week. At least. I'm not counting Karen's phone, cos that's hers to pay for.

But hey, here's a few smiles we had this week:

TuffBoy Jerry hanging out with Karen.

Can we say "underbite"?

Look what happened in my garden while I ignored it for five days and was tearing out my hair and cursing! Yum!

Today Patrick is coming over to finalize one thing which will connect my dictation system to my new computer and permit me to again load voice files to my web site for my "peoples" to transcribe. I have my rosary out.

Happy Weekend!! (Even though I am missing the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach....hey, I'M WORKING again!! Yay! and there will be another one next year! Countdown has begun!) :)


Karene said...

Hail, Mary full of grace, the Lord art with Thee.....just kidding !!! Actually, it wouldn't hurt to pray that Bytescribe and the new "puter" are compatible. Okay, crossing toes, fingers, eyes, *#&^(%@10...oops that doesn't work !!! Okay, off you go !!! I never thought I'd be so glad to have the website back, but I AM. Hugs !

Love ya,

Yvette said...

OUCH!!! So sorry you have had such an expensive week. Looks like my turn is coming this week with plumbing. ACK!!! Will it ever end?

Jacque said...

Wow....So sorry you had a terrible, terrible week. I hope things will settle down, now, and be better for you! After all, if "Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!" Love you bunches, Lil Sis