Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Garden Report

The garden, She grows.

I think this is a watermelon.

I think this is a pumpkin.

Yes, I know there are ways to label your seedlings, or rows. Improvements in my methods are being contemplated for Next Y

Green peppers!

This, I know is a zucchini!

And, I finally have a few Mexican squash. To go with my 4,592 yellow squash.

So, the garden has been a good learning experience. I need to plant more string beans next year, work on amending the soil even more, and water a lot.

Bunnies are still Public Enemy #1 around here. They have pretty much descimated the green bean plants on the slope. I have plans involving chicken wire, and fencing around the garden next year. But not this year. The bunnies can win this year. I'm tired! And I'm behind on my quilting!

Next year, look out Thumper!!

And just for those who like Puppy Porn:

Its the old married couple! Kimi and Jerry (a.k.a. TuffBoy), in a rare moment of quiet rest!


Jacque said...

Such great gardening results! I am very jealous - with Poss's death in May I did not get to do the prep I had planned, and my plants are struggling along with POOR soil...I did not get it "amended" as they say.
Bunnies are the bane of my bean plants, too! I will be fortunate to get one batch out of there....it's tragic that we trained Pepper to leave them alone - all because I was tired of burying her kills. Now I wish she would guard my garden!
I have a batch of watermelon rind pickles started - you gonna make some this year? :)
(This time it's "ingsta"!!)

Yvette said...

Ahhhhhh, look at the happy couple. I just love them!!

Bunnies? Real bunnies? I love bunnies!!!! Forget the garden, have a bunny farm.

Jacque said...

Hey, Yvette! Come to SC and catch all the bunnies you want, and take them home with you!! Big ones, lil ones, all the bunnies you could want!! :)

Karene said...

The garden...she's pretty !!! Love the happy couple too.