Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Midweek crazies

Thought I'd stick my head up, in between making whole wheat bread for Karen, parmesan herb rolls for Michael, laundry soap for Chez Bury, three loads of clothes/cleaning rags, a letter to Laurie, oh, and hummingbird food..... And make a blog post before getting back to typing!

The third flower pot is done! I kinda like this one.... does anyone know what this plant is? (I know, poor picture quality!)

Anyway, now I'm noodling ideas for #4. I'm not sure about making a bunny pot. I'm giving some thought to other animals/bugs.... snails, turtles, and ladybugs are all being considered, along with the Pesky Wabbits that are currently Fallen from Grace (they keep eating my green beans). :(

I found a Michael on the back patio where it is much cooler in the afternoon, flaked out on the picnic bench.

Tiger checked on him regularly, and Max observed from the patio doorway.

We got a letter from the Homeowner's Association two days ago. I know Michael was pissed off about it, but secretly, shhhhhh! I'm kind of glad. They have decided our front yard is a disgrace, what with the dead turf (not to mention the overgrown tree that threatens to fall over, the dead bushes, and the dead flowers).

The impact of this is that instead of completing the kitchen this fall (we were going to get new appliances and counter tops), we will instead put in a new front yard. This was planned anyway..... just not yet. I know us well enough to know that we might not have gotten to it for several years, and it really does need to be done.

Here's a few before pix....

Tisk, tisk, tisk!

I know. It is sad.

Here's a picture of what we are thinking about.

Just a guideline, but we like the idea of terraces to take care of that silly slope, and we like the way our neighbor Denise (two blocks away, so we won't really look too copycat-ish) has small ever-green things placed with spots left to put in/take out colorful flowers several times a year. She seems to be out in her yard working on it all the time and it is gorgeous.

I'm hoping that she's out there that much because she enjoys it, not because it really takes that much time. It seems like just keeping the greenery trimmed and weeded, would be the weekly chore. And once every two or three months, I would switch out the flowering plants with a new batch from Home Depot.

Oh well! Here's to Fall Project LAWN 2009!

Oh! I finished March on the HIWTHI BOM..... here's first three months together. I was looking at them together to try to get inspired to tackle April!

Here's my April....

This one has a LOT of small pieces to blanket stitch around!!


Yvette said...

oooooooooooh! Your new yard is going to be beautiful!

Your HIWTHI is coming out great. I put my first 3 mos. together too but now that I am doing wall hangings I need to take them apart. DOH!

Karene said...

Hey, is that ice plant in the pot??? That's what it looks like to me...hmmm. Anyway good luck on the yard. It's probably too hot to start planting stuff now because this heat would kill anything. Love your blocks. They are SEW CUTE !!!

Jacque said...

I was bewildered about what a homeowners' assoc. was, and why they have SO MUCH power, but then I recalled what it was about...years of being on our own in the Kuntry have made us a lil too independent to put up with that!! I guess we will have to mend our ways if we move, though. Might end up where we have one of those critters!
Your plans are beyewtiful!! Good luck, and I hope your neighbor is out there for FUN, not because it takes that much work!!