Thursday, July 16, 2009


Yvette said...

Those came out great!

Where are you decorating them? At a class? spill!

Joy said...

The J-store in Buena Park is a Joann's Superstore (not sure if that's what its really called) and it has a Creative University classroom in it. We make cakes and icing at home, rough ice the cake, and then come to class to learn techniques on our prepped cakes.

Next week is free-standing icing figures (clowns) and things like faces, etc. The week after is the fourth week, and we do a fancy flowered finish for a cake (like a wedding cake).

Michael is just going to keep his bib on, for a month!

Karene said...

WAY TOO CUTE !!! I like them !!! Yummy !

Jacque said...

Awesome cakes! I bet Michael loved his rainbow, and Cage scarfed down the piratey cake!! Arrrggghhh! Avast ye lubbers! And all that good stuff!
Sure looks yummy!