Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A tentative score....

Karen, Laurie and I enjoy soy milk from Costco in cartons that are shelf stable, and we just chill one at a time in the fridge. Inexpensive by the case and lower in carbs, high in protein, and good for us in so many ways! I usually make my own yogurt from whole milk but with the vegan guidelines the girls are following, they have occasionally shelled out the big bucks for soy yogurt.

Soy yogurt from Vons or Albertsons (from this week's on-line ad)...

$1.59 for six ounces, with fruit. (so really, less than six ounces of actual soy yogurt)

And my home made soy yogurt, to which we can add fruit (either fresh fruit, or a tablespoon of all-fruit, no-added-sugar preserves).......

$1.06 for the carton of soy milk (bought by the case), $0.60 for half of a store-bought plain soy yogurt (for the original culture) equals $1.66, divided by eight (6 ounce containers made) results in a cost of $.20 apiece, or maybe $.22 if you add in a couple pennies for the tablespoon of fruit?

Now we wait for the taste tests conducted by the girls..... :)
Update: The texture was good, not as thick as the whole milk yogurt I make, but acceptable. It really lent itself more to making yogurt shakes, and that's what I've used it for. I like the flavor and I won't hesitate to make it again. But I think I personally prefer the whole milk yogurt anyway (greek yogurt), so I will probably make whole milk yogurt most often, but it will also depend on what I have on hand! :)


Roslyn said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog, the quilting, the frugal gourmet stuff I love, I came over from Yvette's blog.

Jacque said...

Amazing!! I must ask himself if he would like to scout ebay for a yogurt maker....then lo carb yogurt would be an inexpensive snack!!
Love you,

Karene said...

At one time, I think I was told I would get to try a taste of this...I'm still waiting !!!