Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blankie Girl gets a Blankie!

Yesterday late in the afternoon, I received the most gorgeous gift from my dear friend, Deborah! The envelope tucked inside the box said 'Joy (a.k.a. Blankie Girl)' and explained that she could not wait until my birthday to send it so it could "wrap me in her love and prayers"! (She knows its been a bit rough around here emotionally, in the last few months! We've had a few heart-wrenching bumps in the road, but ultimately, we are fine!)

Believe me, I tore into that package FAST. It was not a total surprise, because Deborah had told me she wanted to make me a blankie.... so I knew it was coming.... but I could not WAIT to see it!

(Deborah used to work with us in the transcription business, and used to live nearby, but shortly after I met Deborah and Joe, they sold their home here and moved to semi-retire on a beautiful 5-acre grove in Pennsylvania. She has successfully battled breast cancer, and my transcriptionists helped make a chemo-blankie for her when we found out she was sick. I sent squares (cut pieces) out to everyone and they constructed the squares and sent them back...And I have not quit making chemo quilts since then...because sadly, we keep hearing about more and more friends and family members who have cancer!)

Deborah knits and crochets beautifully! Look at this!!

I love it! I took a picture with it flat on my living room floor (carefully cleaned before hand!) and the individual squares of this "quilt" are soooooo pretty! I don't know how she did it. I think its an afghan stitch for the background squares, and a cross stitched design over the squares.... but she's not home and I haven't been able to ask her yet!!

This is a close-up of a square to give you an idea how she did it, but as I said, I am not really sure of the technique.

All I know is, it is absolutely the prettiest thing and it matches my living room furniture (so it can rest there, in between stints of keeping me warm on the sofa in the den!) and Deborah? I LOVE IT! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

And I have one bit of springy news:

He's back!

I have not seen any sign of a female this year. Last year and the year before, he had a female with him and they took turns at the feeder. He's been here three days now, and I've not seen her at all! Hopefully, she'll show up soon!



catfish said...

You got it right - the panels were crocheted in strips using afghan stitch and the designs on each square were cross-stitched. This is the link to the original pattern: About 1/2-way down on this page ( is a list of graphs for a ton of old fashioned quilting patterns. I am SOOOOO glad that you like the blankie.

Yvette said...

I need one of these. I may have to get my crochet hook out of the depths of the scary closet. It is just gorgeous! I can't wait to see it in person. Can I touch it?

Carol said...

What a fabulous gift. It looks so warm and definately very pretty.

Is the returning bird a Golden Oriel? We have a pair show up occasionaly in our back yard.

Jacque said...

Love that be-yew-tiful blankie! I loved seeing that chair, too...although I remember it from years ago and it had a horrible fabric on it!! :) Love the lighter, brighter fabric you chose!
Love ya, sis!