Friday, March 27, 2009

The Happy (Thirsty) Couple

Guess who came to dinner today??!!

Our missing lady! The lovely couple showed up and for a moment, drank together from the hummingbird feeder.

Then he took off and she continued to guzzle. She was so thirsty that she would bend over and slurp....

and then straighten up and let it run down her throat!

I was glad to see her! They are Hooded Orioles and they make my day!


If you click on the link above (blue) it will take you to a site that you can even hear their birdsong. This is how I know they are on the feeder while I'm sitting, three feet away through the window screen, at my computer transcribing. I hear them over the dictation! I can turn slowly and they don't even flinch. Even if the phone rings, I can usually answer and they just keep on slurping!

I caught one picture of his markings across his shoulders today(unfortunately through both glass and screen, and I didn't realize the flash was on)... the black across his shoulders extends around under his throat. Quite the handsome fellow, even if this picture is pretty fuzzy!



Yvette said...

I should get one of those feeders. We have quite a few Hummingbirds in my patio and they deserve a drink.

Karene said...

You stole my birds !!! Teehee, just kidding. But, I did tell you they were orioles. They will be here through September and then they start leaving. There are also Bullock orioles around too. Go back to your link on What a Bird and look up the Bullock...they are awesome too !

Jacque said...

WOW! Those lil birds are lovely! In a way, I am looking forward to my kitty being gone (to kitty heaven, of course, after an appropriately somber funeral) cos then I can have bird feeders and water thingies for them!
Right now it would make me accessory to murder, since Moses would just camp out under the feeder and snack on birds when they came! :(