Monday, April 14, 2008

Weather update!

We didn't know how miserable we were.....teehee!

Write up in the paper today lists:

Sample of Sunday's Highs

Anaheim Hills: 102 degrees
Placentia: 99 degrees
Orange: 95 degrees
Villa Park: 95 degrees
At the bottom of the alphabetic list, Seal Beach: 81 degrees. (that doesn't qualify as "hot" in my mind!)

Hmmmmm......I knew it was HOT....but not that hot!

(And I think Yvette has a good idea! Alaska sounds pretty good! As long as I had good lighting for my studio in the long dark winters!)

Still waiting for the cooling trend they are calling for, with its 30 degree drop!!

1 comment:

Jackie said...

I love the warm weather, but even I would have the AC running with those temps!! Hope ya'll are all well and in the cool house!