Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Yay! I have a Finished Object! One less UFO in the sewing studio!!

I had sent my checkerboard quilt off to Cotie Campbell in Kansas, to be quilted. It came back Monday and it is sooooo pretty! I am so pleased with the quilting and also with the wonderful communication and responsiveness of Cotie herself. She was an absolute pleasure to do business with, and I feel like I made a new quilting friend in the process! I will definitely send her quilts to be long-arm quilted in the future.

Here is a link to Cotie's website. She has some gorgeous pictures there....and here is her webshots link. More beautiful quilts to see!

I cut 480+ inches of binding, pressed it, and brought my machine down to the kitchen table.

I stitched, and stitched, and stitched.

(Pay no mind to me, no make up, unshowered, and determined to finish this quilt today!)

And I stitched some more.

And it's done. Hopefully in the pictures below, you can see some of Cotie's awesome work - I wish my meandering looked that good!! Her stitches are perfectly even!

(This is only 1/5 of it, folded up and laid across the table.....)

(I used a decorative stitch to sew on the binding - I think my hands would have fallen off if I had tried to hand sew it, plus, I think the machine stitching is more durable!)

And I'm off to bed. It's almost tomorrow already! Sheesh!


Yvette said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!

I am still drooling over Cotie's quilting setup. See, we don't really need a dining or living room.

Your binding is spectacular!!!! I just can't get the hang of doing my bindings by machine. Luckily I have an 83yo mother that enjoys hand sewing them on.

I will trade you blanket stitch dance lessons for machine binding lessons. Deal?

Joy said...

Yvette, you're on!

You know, I'm not sure I could really teach you anything.... except maybe that: HEY! That little, red, irregularly-shaped splotch on that open-toed presser foot is NOT a fluke or a ding in the's a guide! When I finally figured that out, my stitching stayed on course, with the center stitches right "in the ditch" where binding met quilt, and the blanket stitches evenly on each side, into binding or into quilt.

And doncha know, I had all of about three feet of that king-sized quilt left to go when I figured THAT out!


Karene said...

WOW...the binding is fantastic !!! I knew you could do it. I never would have thought about using a blanket stitch for the appropriate, ha,ha,ha ! Anyway, if you can blanket stitch the binding, you certainly can on applique. YOU ROCK, my friend, ROCK !

Jackie said...

That is gorgeous!! Both your handiwork and her quilting! I love the decorative stitch on the binding - just another little touch that adds a lot. You are inspiring me to do more and do better! Once I finish the scrap quilt, I am moving onwards and upwards!