Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to Us!

Monday was our birthday, Jackie and I! (She was the best present I got, the day I turned three years old!)

I celebrated over the weekend previous with Michael, my girls, Mr. Billy and even Mr. Patrick was able to make it!

Got a cute picture of Laurie and Billy. Billy was cold, and tucked his legs up under his sweatshirt......we decided it looked like Billy had boobs....

But the picture was still cute!

Patrick did the honors on the grill.

He and Mr. B. discussed the state of the union, and the price of gas and other manly things.....

Patrick got acquainted with Jerry.....

I had a pretty cake.....

(The only thing missing was Jackie's name.....we used to hate sharing a cake, but as her cute card said to me this year, "now we'd like nothing better than to share a cake!!")

And I got the neatest presents! Laurie and Billy got me fat quarters!!! Yay!!

I opened a present I've been saving and eyeing for several weeks, from Ms. Yvette! Sew cute! She made me the most adorable towels "for pretty" for my kitchen!!

Ms. Karene dropped by unexpectedly earlier in the day and surprised me with a card and the cutest material ever, possibly to be used for sewing machine appropriate!

She also gave me this lovely set of chimes which are going to be used in my office, I think, when I get my new valances and install my new shade, to spiffy it up!

(Sorry for the poor lighting in the picture!)

And Mr. B made my day with beautiful flowers, a card with "fat quarter$ in di$guise" inside, and just to make sure I had enough fabric, a gift certificate for M&L's!! Whooohooo!

My sister Jackie sent me the neatest stationary cards! These are based on quilt patterns, but the artist incorporates the pattern into a work of art and she has made stationary from them. They are so unusual and I love them!

And Jackie got a surprise from me. I think she likes it!

(Thank you Wiffie, for taking the great pictures while she unwrapped it and talked to me on the phone!!)

Happy Birthday to us!


Yvette said...

Your party looked like it was sew much fun!!!

Ooooh!! M & L's !!!!! I'll bet you can't wait to have 6hrs free to get down there and browse. LOL

Jackie said...

You betcha I liked it - no, I loved it!! My happy birthday quilt is so beautiful!! Some people don't like turning 50, but my day sure was special: thank you sis!!
Love, Jackie

Joy said...

I'm so glad Jackie! There has to be some special compensation for reaching the big 5-0!!
(insert huge smiley face here!!)

Karene said...

You looked like you had a great day on Saturday ! Laurie & Billy look so cute. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if Jackie could have been here to celebrate with you or you go back to see her. Anyway, I love you my friend and you're done now for another year....ha,ha,ha !