Friday, October 19, 2007

Yay for the weekend!

Its been a long week. And a busy one. So busy that I have not had a chance to blog, or get in my quilting room at all!

Well, I can amend that statement, actually. The new walking foot for my Janome came in the mail and I attached it and sewed about 12 inches to make sure it was the correct foot....

Then I went back to work!

I was lucky enough to snag the classroom at Leah's Fabric Gallery last weekend, when a class was cancelled....



and daughter Karen

and I sewed to our hearts' content for four lovely hours!

Karen is working on a secret quilt too! She is doing such a great job!!

I got the cutest pattern this week that has "MEESES" on it (more than one moose, according to my dad!!) I will be making my first appliqued wall hanging with it. I will attempt to take a picture and post it. It is SEW CUTE!

(As usual, click to enlarge for detail...)

(I'm pondering whether these two handsome meeses and their ladyfriend need some embellishment.....perhaps a tie for one moose, a vest for one, some earrings and lace for the lady moose.....Hmmmmm!)


Yvette said...

I sure wish I could have joined you all last Sunday. I haven't sewed in sew long that I hope I remember how.

Karene said...

As usual......FUN was to be had by ALL, except for missing our quilting buddy, Yvette !!! But, hey it was her birthday SEW I guess we'll let her off the hook. Now, if we could only get her mom to quilt we'd see her on those free SEW days !!!