Monday, October 08, 2007

An Open Letter to the Enabler

An open letter to The Enabler,
(a.k.a. the Fabric Snob)

Dear Enabler,
(yes, that would be you, Yvette!)

I truly appreciate the coupon you shared with me for Tall Mouse. I had not been to Tall Mouse in about ten years.....not since a disasterous History Project requiring items for a model of a battle.....when Laurie was in 9th grade. Or maybe it was an Art Project for Karen....not sure. Anyway, I knew it was a dangerous place for me. I have been very good about staying out of that store, until now.

Still, a 30% coupon calls me.....loudly! In an effort to mitigate possible financial damages, I asked Mr. B. to accompany me to Tall Mouse, so that I would stand a good chance of escaping with my credit card only slightly warm.....not blazing hot (verging on melted) from over use.

It was a good plan.

Until Mr. B. got in the store. When he wasn't "oohing" and "aahing" over the wide color range of sprinkles and dyes for his Christmas Cookie Marathon 2007 (launch date for that endeavor is right around the corner), he was eyeing the paintbrushes and casting longing glances in the direction of the model trains. When he wasn't drooling over the model airplanes, he was debating with himself about whether to use his 40% coupon on a new picture frame, or the aforementioned cookie decorations.

That's when he wasn't playing with the puppets on Aisle 13.

Mind you, I managed to stay focused until I got into the fabric/yarn/thread department. I might have had a slight accident beside a pattern rack that they had sitting prominently in my way.....but I recovered and put that pattern carefully back where it belonged in the rack.

I nearly caused myself a neck strain snapping my head around when Mr. B. said "Look, alpaca yarn!".....but again, I turned from the superior collection of yarns and resolutely located a nice barely off-white fabric for the Top Secret quilt, with the faintest of white designs of scissors and threads scattered over it (divinely inspired for my purposes!) and got the last three yards on the bolt. With the 30% coupon you gave me, it was like getting a yard free, almost!

I managed to get out of the store WITHOUT grabbing the cute flag I fell in love with for the flag pole at my front door. I was tempted to go back and get in line again for that one.

I tell you, I barely escaped. Michael got his sprinkles, I got my fabric.

So, dear Enabler, your work here is done. We both came home and signed up for email ads/coupons from Tall Mouse.

(Oh, and they had cute birdhouses I wanted to decorate too...... teehee!)


Yvette said...

Hee Hee!!! That was worth keeping you out of the "J" store to buy fabric.

I went last night and grabbed the last of the candy cane fabric for some bindings on my top secret Christmas projects. I even bought a Thanksgiving flag with my 40% off coupon.

Hmmmmm, I wonder if Karene managed to slip away today.

That store is DANGEROUS!!!

Joy said...

She did!!.....She came home and promptly waved the beautiful yellow fabric she scored in front of her web cam so I could see it! Teehee!!

Yes. Dangerous. Michael's already asking when we can go back!

Hope your first paid day/safety class went well!

Karene said...

Dear ENABLERS.....yes, I did slip away and go to Tall Mouse as well thanks to enabler #1 supplying me and enabler #2 coupons. However, I did not get the coupon in time on Sunday to use it on the yellow material enabler #2 referred to, but did indeed use it on Monday to buy the pink material I needed for one of the memory quilts I'm making. I, too, promptly signed up for the e-mail coupons because then I can't blame EITHER enabler for getting me into trouble and only have myself to blame !!!! So, we'll just keep on enabling EACH you guys