Friday, August 03, 2007

Quilts and babies and Tiger

Karen is enjoying her "Take Five" quilt made with fabrics with Asian type designs, which finally got bound and on the bed!

Tiger has a thing for what we call "babies". She recognizes the word and goes to pick up her "baby" and takes it everywhere. If she's sleeping in her crate and decides to move to Karen's bed......she picks up a baby and takes it along!

Michael was at the Dollar Store today and picked up two new "babies" and brought them home, offering one to Tiger and one to Max (no need for hurt feelings, after all!).

Max couldn't be bothered and after a cursory sniff, stalked off to await a more dignified offering - perhaps along the line of a nice steak.

Tiger was thrilled.

She's curled up sleeping with them tucked under her chin now.

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