Friday, August 17, 2007

Bytescribe Gets My Vote!

Being a medical transcription service owner has its ups and downs, as does any business. I have previously talked about the fact that I (and several of my "peoples") likely would not recommend this type of work to someone starting out, at this point in time. But I think I should mention both sides, and include the "ups" of this job. The first "up" or positive aspect is my fantastic "peoples". I have a dynamite team of dedicated transcriptionists. They care about their work, for the most part they work independently, and we are a compassionate bunch. When one of us has an emergency or a crisis, the rest of us sincerely try to pick up the work that person would have done. It is very seldom left on my plate alone, to substitute for one of my "peoples" going through a rough patch.

The other positive is the lucky choice I made in choosing Bytescribe as my source for a phone-in digital dictation system, transcription software, etc. I have been using their phone-in digital dictation systems for about 10-11 years now. I am on my second system, as I outgrew the first four port (four phone line) system and upgraded to an eight port system a few years ago. When I first decided to make the leap from independent contractor/transcriptionist to transcription service owner, I compared many of the "big boys" for equipment (Dictaphone, Lanier, etc). Bytescribe offered the same capabilities as those companies, for a fraction of the cost. I was provided names of customers who were actively using their systems, and every customer I spoke with across the country regaled me with stories of how easy it was to use (I heard "open the box, plug it in, snap in your phone lines, and key in your doctor numbers - and that's it!" many, many times).

I took the plunge after talking with Merick at Bytescribe on a number of occasions. He patiently answered my questions until I was ready and then equally patiently, walked me through the entire process of "opening the box, plugging it in, etc, etc." It really was that easy. The big name companies wanted not only big bucks for the equipment, but big bucks for training sessions......sessions that were not necessary with Bytescribe.

For years I used the phone-in system to receive dictation and for my transcriptionists to access it in order to transcribe it, quite happily. Both my dictators and my transcriptionists called the system without a hitch. I just never had a problem. As my business grew, I eventually began hiring transcriptionists from out of state, and I could see that the newer website (FTP site) methodology might be of benefit, both from a cost standpoint, and ease of use for my "peoples". Again, the team at Bytescribe (Anita Thomas, sales/marketing specialist extraordinaire!, Merick, Eric, Scott and others) walked me through the transition and when I upgraded my Orator Pro to the eight port system, I also switched to using their Doc Shuttle programming. I have never regretted it!

The Doc Shuttle programming is wonderful. (My transcriptionists love it. They love being able to log on, download their work in seconds, and they have realized significant savings by eliminating a work phone line and its long distance charges.)

But even better, the customer support at Bytescribe is extraordinary.

People, THEY GET IT!! When one of my peoples (Karene) called them today with a support issue, they had her up and running again in about four minutes. She's my lead transcriptionist, and has an extremely tight turnaround-time requirement on a huge radiology account. We didn't have time to lose. And they came through, again!! They took the time to answer her questions, talk her through a brief adjustment, and encouraged her to call right back if she needed them for any reason.

This is just one example of the kind of support I have received from them, again and again, over the years. My hat is off to the folks at Bytescribe. I'm not affiliated with them in any capacity other than loyal, happy user......But I think applause should be given when due.....

Thank you, Bytescribe!

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